A few weeks ago I stumbled across the awesome pedalSHIELD from It's basically an Arduino shield which allows you to build your own programmable guitar/bass effect pedal. I ordered all parts including an Arduino DUE. I didn't order a prebuild shield since there were some things missing I'd like to have on my pedal:

  • a LCD display as UI (change effect parameters etc.)
  • a build in tuner, this is mostly software but some additional LEDs or a LCD display will be required
  • a little amp which can be toggled, so you can plug in your headphones
  • a possibility to switch between bass and guitar

So I tweaked the available schematics a little bit and started building a robust housing, which I hope will endure that the foot switch is pressed with an actual foot more than once.

"pedalSHIELD housing"

The pcb layout was a little bit tricky since I needed wide tracks for the toner-transfer-method to work properly. I have no image of the finished pcb but I screwed up. The layer were perfectly aligned but I forgot about the pcb while it was in the etch bath. The result were broken tracks all over the pcb. So I'll need to redo the layout to be more forgiving.

I'll post the reviewed schematics and the pcb layout as soon as I got a working version.

February 17, 2014 | guitar, arduino
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